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DN32mm (1 ¼”)- 600mm (24”)
PN 10, 16, 150#


Body: WCB, CF-8M, CF-8, CF-3M
Disc: CF-8M, CF-8
Shaft: AISI 316, AISI 304, 17-4PH
Seat/ sealing: PTFE, PTFE+15% glass., PTFE+15% graphite
Retainer: AISI 316
Packing: Graphite, PTFE, PTFE+15% Graphite

Other materials available on request

Design standards


Design features

Bi-directional sealing
Permanent in time zero leakage for air
Specially suitable for steam or oxygen
Standard seat: PTFE with 25% of glass fibre, which provides the best balance of mechanical, electrical and chemical properties and a good wear and friction behavior. It resists acids and alkalis, except hydrofluoric acid and strong alkali. If it is required for special applications, there is a wide range of PTFE-based polymers, F-316, graphite and virgin PTFE
PTFE + metal ring: Fire Safe
Low operation torque

Wafer: One-piece body with four centering lugs which allows installation between flanges at intermediate points in the pipeline.
Características del PTFE:
Almost universal chemical inertness
Complete insolubility in all solvents below 300°C
Low coefficent of friction
Excellent dielectric properties
Excellent thermal stability

Lug: One-piece body with threaded lugs which allows removal downstream and installation at pipe end using a counterflange.



Chemical and pretochemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry

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